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Joe Z. San Fransisco, California

 "Rob said my Grandpa was just checking in on me. That's awesome because before he passed, I did a lot of checking in on him. I guess he is just returning the favor. He used to say that he was glad I did that because he could die the next day. He said that for years and it always bothered me and then he did. But I am glad he is still around me. Thanks more than you could know for reconnecting us both. It’s beautiful to feel him with me again."


Christopher B. Wilkes Barre, PA

“When I first met Rob, I immediately sensed something special about him. Throughout our conversations, I was comforted by his unique ability to talk with me about many personal things…much of which were a surprise to hear since he was a stranger to me at that point. Rob truly has a gift!”


Angie S. Madison, WI

"Rob has been my ‘Angel on earth’ for more than two years now. Rob continues to help me navigate through some traumatic life changes. His wisdom, messages from my loved ones and compassion have been life-changing. Give yourself the most amazing gift, reconnect with your loved ones and hear about your life path."


Craig G. Birmingham, UK

"I told my wife Karen about what you said in my reading. When my Dad was in intensive care after his heart attack Karen whispered to him ‘if you leave this world please come back with a password so we know it’s you”. So she told him what the password should be ’ Karen told me at the time she’d given him a password but I never asked and she never told me what it was. Tonight when I told her you’d said there’s something about the word Titans she said she’d told Dad the password was the name of his American Football Team. She’d picked this password as she didn’t actually know who he followed so she would know it was genuine when he came through. When I told her what you’d said she replied ‘what does Titans mean’ and I said ‘it’s his American Football team’ She said ‘effing hell that’s the password I asked him for’!!!"


Chris Z. Preston, Lancashire. UK

"Rob's reading has given me a lot to think about over the next week or so. I really appreciate it. It has been a fantastic weekend and it's been an honour to meet him and hang out a bit. He said that a lady called Pam was trying to connect with me today. I couldn't tie the name to anyone? But after speaking with my mum this evening, we had a neighbor called Pam who lived a few doors down from my parents, and how he described her was exactly how she looked. I don't know what she was coming forward to say and sorry I couldn't link the name earlier to receive her message. When Mum realized who it was she gave a big smile."


Cathy H Bergen, NY

"This was an amazing reading- it was wonderful to be able to connect with my loved ones , you are incredible! Thank you so much Rob"


I was deeply touched by my reading with Rob. There was a genuine depth of connection and Rob is just an amazing soul. I highly recommend him!


"True sweet heart! Gave me a reading, and had a lot to say! He’s super funny as well and has the greatest laugh! I met him yesterday at Statler Hotel and I INSTANTLY felt some sort of connection to him!! If you’re looking for a reading, definitely go to him! 10/10 recommend!!!"


"I’ve been working with Rob for a very short time, in that time I have been blessed to see how truly talented he is and a psychic medium. He picks up on things that nobody else could even know! I would highly recommend getting a reading with rob! Thanks for all your help!"

*DISCLAIMER: The information Rob Thompson provides is subject to personal interpretation and does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. Each attendee is responsible for his or her own choices and actions. Psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only.